Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Lilly Lament

You will notice that I mention Lilly Pulitzer quite often in my post.  I do love Lilly, it makes me happy, but  I hate to say it but Lilly is not very popular  in this part of  CA.  There are 7 (count them) 7 Lilly stores in the gigantic state of CA.  Sure there are small enclaves of Lilly lovers but on the whole, not so much.
I will occasionally see a young girl in Lilly but that is about it.   I remember wearing a very cute Lilly outfit to my daughters school orientation and you would have thought I wore a Bozo the Clown (with the nose)
outfit instead.
So, I resign myself to loving Lilly in my own way, which is wearing my Lilly pj's, drinking out of my Lilly coffee mug,  writing notes using my Lilly pen or pencils on my Lilly writing paper, relaxing in my Lilly guest room and writing about Lilly on my blog.
(Well,  ok, so I do dress my baby in Lilly and her name is Lilly(after my grandmother)and this summer I will be happily riding my new Lilly cruiser while wearing my Lilly sunglasses, so I guess I can't complain )


  1. Although I'm a Lilly lover, I understand what you are saying. My friends aren't all Lilly lovers and I don't really hang around with ladies who wear Lilly:) That's okay, I just live in my own little "Lilly World". {I will say that the other day my husband was watching the Masters Golf Tournament on TV and I heard him shout out to me "That girl has on a Lilly dress--referring to someone in the golf gallery"} He gets it:)

  2. I totally can commiserate with you! I live in Colorado, and the closest Lilly store is a via shop that is 10 hours away by car! Thanks goodness the bright colors match my personality and I just take it in stride that I will never be in the same outfit as any one of my friends at the Country Club!!