Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Passport for a toddler

I was charged recently with acquiring a passport for my toddler.
Sounds easy enough.
First off getting the picture was a feat.
1. Make sure toddler is well rested and happy for said picture
2. Take toddler to CVS for picture
3 .Explain to childless picture taker that they have to take the picture "really fast"
4. See the toddler mommy jump up and down to get their attention long enough to take a picture
5. See the other customers stare at the crazy lady in CVS.
Okay that's done, now we go to the post office to wait in line at the passport agency.
Daddy has taken a half day off to come with me(both parents have to be present)
We wait in line for over one hour with said toddler.
Finally, its our turn.
All my paper work is done, pictures are ready...................
Dour faced passport man says "the pictures are the wrong size"and "we don't take pictures of toddlers"
Mommy goes back to CVS and repeats steps 1-5
except this time I take a ruler and measure the picture.
Daddy gets a notarized excuse on why he can't be present at the passport office and
back I go again...
I was so nervous, you would think I had a job interview
New semi-dour passport man says.."I think these pictures are the wrong size"
"Oh wait, their ok."
Me-"Thank-you God"
Toddler passport is on its way!

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