Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap Image Section

The LA.Times Image section had a great article by Whitney Friedlander  called "Hits and Mrs."
which was all about bloggers that extol the virtues of being a good wife and partner.
The article said that in these trying times we are "forced to think about what is really important in our lives"
and "this manifest itself in the form of hobbies, travel and spending more time with one's family."
Go lady bloggers!

Also, Derek Blasberg author of "Classy:Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady" for good manners in the age of the internet.
On the question of what every women should have in her closet. "Good pair of jeans, a trench coat, a cardigan, big pair of glasses and a great pair of shoes"
Article by Max Padilla

Lastly, a very interesting article about the great designer Halston.
He went from top fashion designer to drug addict that lost his job and was " unable to design under his own name"
A Bible college in Nashville was the the only place that would take his archives after his death, "where they are stored to this day in dusty boxes."
Can you imagine?
Article by Booth Moore

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